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Historic Nurburgring Photography

The English is a little suspect at times but there are some great pictures of the Nurburgring Circuit through the years here.

This one shows the safety measures taken for 1971 following the earlier drivers’ boycott of the circuit, mainly removing the grass immediately bordering the tarmac and adding runoff areas where possible. In the distance is Ex-Muhle which is the corner preceding the scene of Nikki Lauda’s fiery accident in 1976.

This is the same section of track today. Again, Ex-Muhle can be seen in the distance.

And now, a caption competition.
The best one will receive the notoriety of a mention in the blog.

The picture is taken at Flugplatz, and in the background you can see the exit of Hocheichen, and the straight leading up to the “jump” at Quiddelbacher Hohe which is just out of shot to the right. Today the rise visible on the straight is actually a bridge where a road passes under the track.

Submit your captions via the feedback form, and good luck.

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